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In classical times, oared vessels engaged in the offense and defense of Greek and Roman cities and empires, and provided the most efficient means for moving heavy cargos around the Mediterranean littoral.

Sails were used when the winds were favorable, but the need for quick manouvers, and movement when the winds were lacking, made oarsmen the prime movers of the navies and merchant vessels in that era, and they remained the masters of smaller water transport craft for over two thousand years, until displaced by steam and internal combustion engines.

Weil, Mystic Seaport Museum Visiting Curators for Rowing History.

The co-curators would like to express their special appreciation to each of the lenders for entrusting their treasures to this project.

[32] New Yorker covers: five of the six relate explicitly to the Yale-Harvard boat race; that five of these images appeared during the first twelve years of the magazines existence, and only one in the last 70 years, may be a measure of the declining significance of the event to its readership over that period.

The staff of the Mystic Seaport Museum and the volunteers of Ready All Row worked seamlessly with extraordinary intensity to renovate the National Rowing Hall of Fame space and the rowing history exhibition rooms and to assist in the mounting of the exhibition.

The Ready All Row volunteers continue to generously support the project by providing reception staffing for the W. Blunt White Building and interpretive services for the exhibition.

Left to right: 25/06/1927 cover by Ilonka Karasz; 20/06/1931 cover by Liam S.

Dunne; 15/06/1935 cover by Garrett Price; 20/06/1936 cover by Afronengold; 27/05/1961 cover by CEM; 26/06/1926 cover by Julian de Miskey.

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