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Here is a simple one-button mouse game that is easy to understand, and yet difficult to do. Analysis: An elegantly simple casual game that anyone with a mouse can play.

Then the M's just have to sort out spots 3 through 8! -Paul Lindblad grt analysis of the one and two holes, lindblad. I'd be really impressed if they someday re-dared to wear the 68-71 all-yellow vest/pants combo: Geek they actually did wear those full yellow top yellow pants '74 unis on 70's Retro Night at the sold-out Coliseum-- pretty sure the highest attendance date last season. However, there hasn't been as much discrepancy as you might expect since 2000.i have a few expatriate questions i've been wanting to ask you. My best to your family, and special hugs to Kim and Adam. -N red hour: a boulevard hard aloud had a durable kola blur and quark bod. btw, mlb tv's larry bowa (yes, former mlb manager) just picked the a's to win the west, as do i. All things considered, I don't think it's a trade that would be beneficial for Oakland, especially if KK can sharpen his batting eye and draw more walks.Natage, back from bball detour, a return to the tea party theme with this one. eat ma chino winch, ma watt twitch into a aitch town-- Nth it, wot can you chit . grind porn in to a vodka quarrel a broad ad hulk, a debt nag antic. top to bottom, best pitching in the majors, and yes i (dare) include philly in that assessment. mashers as harem shame wreaths reach the heart haterism. Plus, he's four years younger and doesn't cost as much. i've seen figgins play a lot, and his mariner self seems a mere shadow of his lil red angel face.Two friends, recently reconnected after over ten years apart, begin an online correspondence: one in California (Farmer), the other (Johnson, a Seattle native) in Budapest, Hungary. I've been having way too much fun with this: I just type in baseball names and piss myself laughing. Traveling to Ukraine next week for some conference but will try in near future to put some more together. Sonnet Clif(ford) Floyd Larry Walker Mel(quiades) Rojas John Wetteland Pedro Martinez Ken(neth) Hill Freddie Benavides Mike Lansing Moises Alou Randy Milligan Tim(othy) Scott Butch Henry Jeff(rey) Fassero Lou Frazier Sean Berry Marquis Grissom Gil Heredia Wil Cordero Tim Spehr Lenny Webster And yet another (working on this year's) 1969 New York Mets Gerald Grote Ed Kranepool Ken Boswell Bud Harrelson Wayne Garrett Cleon Jones Tommie Agee Rocky Swoboda Art Shamsky Al Weis Rod Gaspar Donn Alvin Clendenon Bobby Pfeil John Clifton Martin Ed Charles Amos Otis Duffy Dyer Tom Seaver Jerry Koosman Gary Edward Gentry Don Cardwell James Mc Andrew Nolan Ryan Frank Edwin Mc Graw Cal Koonce Ronald Taylor Jack Di Lauroi feel thee i may "grasp a rod". maybe we can keep exchanging anagram poems or something.Shared interests lead to an ad-hoc collaborative writing project involving constraint-based texts on the subjects of baseball, expatriate-ism, and the recent rise of the Tea Party in the US. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy the fruits of this morning's labor (see below). As a chapbook idea, I'd say it has at least some AAA potential. really like the "after catullus " or "Oppen" -- are you plugging the anagram words into an Oppen form, for instance, or is there a mash of vocabularies? you stay on the baseball track, and i'll start something else. A bit spastic at work today so I'll give a closer reading to what it's about when I've got some time.

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