Dating diablo review

Please fill in the form here for an exact up-to-date information. If you opt for an imported car, make sure the timing chain tensioners on 1991-1994 cars have been changed from the hydraulic type to the manual ones.

All UK cars have been retrofitted with the manual tensioner.

A major cosmetic change came at the end of 1998 when the Diablo's pop-up headlamps were ditched in favour of faired in lights. At this point the 575bhp Diablo GT was launched, a thinly disguised racing car for the road which, at £195,000 a pop, was the most expensive Lamborghini to date.

The final throw of the Diablo dice came with the Diablo 6.0, a 550bhp behemoth produced under the auspices of new owners Audi.

Nevertheless four brave souls took the plunge in 1994.

1995 was a happier year, as Porsche GB took over the reins and did a better job at marketing the Diablo.

These were effectively replaced in early 1994 by the all-wheel drive Diablo VT version.

All Diablos are spectacularly, almost wilfully, impractical.

If you're much over 6'2", the Roadster will be your weapon of choice, as it offers improved headroom.

Always outrageous, always looking for more power, Lamborghini knew that as Ferraris became ever more civilised, they were carving a more secure niche for themselves.

A used Diablo will require deep pockets, steady resolve and an owner who can live with its foibles. When that V12 bellows in anger, it's about as definitive as you'll ever need.

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