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Yet if we regard sex changes on such utilitarian terms, not being poor and hungry also improves happiness and wellbeing.

And neither performative utterance nor surgery change your chromosomes.

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It’s invariably some celebrity chef or comedian, or some pair of affluent dunces who indulge the infantile fantasies of little Atticus or Ptolemy (who thinks he’s a girl, and also that Father Christmas is real).Changing your Facebook status to ‘genderqueer’ or ‘androgyne’ may earn you plaudits and satisfy your need for affirmation, but it doesn’t make you Che Guevara in drag.Remember how we all laughed back in 1998 when there was public outrage over the imprisonment of a fictional character, Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow.Just consider how self-styled radicals sneer at those ‘sheeple’ who queue up for the latest piece of computer gadgetry or who wrestle for fridges and televisions in the sales.Yet Mc Ewan has a point: to assume new gender labels has become a symptom of narcissistic postmodern consumerism in which everything, including one’s very personhood, is commodified and continually reinvented for show.

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