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The roof, originally built in pyramid form, has undergone various changes, culminating in the addition of four corner turrets in 1826.

On the top floor, an observation deck allows a bird's-eye view of the historic town and the Fagaras Mountains beyond.

Today, small shops, cafes and businesses line the square.

Huet Square is home to a mix of gothic buildings dominated by the Evangelical Cathedral.

The square is linked to the Little Square by a passage beneath the Council Tower, which is worth visiting for the excellent views over the town.This impressive structure, featuring five pointed towers, was built in 1520 on the site of an old Roman basilica.The simple, stark interior is in total contrast to that of the Catholic Church.Located in the heart of the old walled city, the square was designated an architectural monument by UNESCO and features some of the most impressive buildings in Sibiu.Address: Piata Mare The north side of the Great Square is dominated by the Roman-Catholic Church .

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