Gay dating for marrige

We were denounced as homophobes and bigots who simply hate. They shouted at us that they would progressives “progress.” The only thing you really know about progressives, and that they know about themselves, is that they’re always changing, evolving.

They’ve done this with abortion and are doing the same with marriage.Our support of gay marriage is leading to this craziness! ” or “I hate to admit it, but opponents of SSM were right all along.This is going to make a mess of marriage and the family.” No, sorry. Remember: When they finally “progress” to the state they once swore impossible, and had once attacked you for even suggesting they’d arrive there, expect no apologies or reevaluating.Give progressives the power to redefine marriage—once the province of nature and nature’s God—and there will be no end to the redefining.The definition will always be in a state of progression.

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