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Plus encore que l’étonnement, les écrits consacrés aux sites de rencontres témoignent d’une consternation, voire d’une indignation : voici l’apparition d’espaces spécifiquement voués aux rencontres amoureuses et pourtant si contraires à l’amour.

Caractérisés notamment par l’abondance des interlocuteurs potentiels, par l’interaction à distance et par la substitution d’un « profil » synthétique au corps physique, les sites se voient disqualifiés en tant qu’espaces de rencontres affectives.

According to the documentary, Chanel's involvement with the Nazis began around the time of the collapse of the French army in 1940.

She returned to Paris shortly after and moved in to the Ritz Hotel, which was doubling as the Luftwaffe's French headquarters at the time.

Aussi, la grande majorité des interviewés ignorait au préalable que l’entretien porterait plus spécifiquement sur leur expérience des sites de rencontres – la recherche leur a été présentée comme une étude générale des rencontres amoureuses et sexuelles –, ce qui autorise la comparaison des relations nouées hors ligne et en ligne, tout en limitant une telle mise en perspective par les enquêtés.

4Les premiers sites internet spécifiquement et explicitement consacrés aux rencontres amoureuses et sexuelles voient le jour aux États-Unis au milieu des années 1990.

1C’est à la fin des années 1990, quelques années après les États-Unis, que la France voit apparaître les premiers sites de rencontres sur Internet.

La quantité comme le contenu des récits témoignent d’un étonnement face à cette forme de rencontres médiatisées qui, contrairement aux messageries du Minitel, aux petites annonces ou aux agences matrimoniales, ne constitue pas « un cas-limite » [Bozon et Héran, 1988 : 145] mais attire de nombreux usagers [Bajos et Bozon, 2008].

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Un inventaire réalisé en 2008 a révélé l’existence de 1 045 sites ciblant la population française [Bergström, 2011].A written record made public for the first time in a documentary broadcast on French television last night is said to prove that the late fashion designer was a member of Abwehr - Adolf Hitler's secret military intelligence agency.Claim: A document made public for the first time in a documentary broadcast on French television last night is said to prove that Coco Chanel was a member of Abwehr - Adolf Hitler's secret military intelligence agency The newly revealed document suggests that while working for the Nazis, Coco Chanel (pictured left and right) went by the codename 'Westminster' - a reference to her affair with the Duke of Westminster in the 1920s L'Ombre d'un Doute [The Shadow of a Doubt], broadcast on the state-owned France 3 channel yesterday evening, countered the French government's official claim that almost every well-known figure from the time either joined the Resistance movement or simply boycotted the Nazis.She soon began an affair with a senior Gestapo officer by the name of Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage and became so closely acquainted with the Nazi upper echelons that she was sent to Madrid in 1943 where she exploited her past acquaintance with Winston Churchill to try and strike a truce with British officers stationed there.Ties: The documentary's claims that singer Maurice Chevalier (left) and dramatist Sacha Guitry (right) were linked to the Nazis largely centred on the idea that the stars' careers flourished in occupied France Ferrand said the fashion designer had hoped that Nazi rules banning Jews owning businesses may lead to the company being confiscated and given back to her, but it later merged that the Wertheimer family had already sold their stake in Chanel perfume to a German businessman.

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