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I also remember a man who described the way his partner was behaving towards him and wanted help to work out if he was being abused.“Recently I had a call from a lady who had been able to leave her abusive partner, with help from the helpline.She would probably have put the phone down on me and felt even more isolated.“But because I respected her initial decision and we were able to talk things through, she had the space to work out what she needed.Just as we were ending the call she changed her mind and asked me to give her the number for the police.“I believe that if I’d tried to pressure her into taking the number from the police straight away, she would have been very intimidated.Their well-trained, non-judgmental call takers provide information appropriate to each individual’s needs to enable them to make their own decisions about what they would like to do following abuse.

Royston Heath (in Therfield parish) is noted as the recreation ground of the town. Charles Parkin, who maintained that the excavation was of Saxon origin. In mediaeval times it was evidently used for religious purposes, and the fact that a hermit lived at Royston about 1506 has led to the supposition that it became a hermitage. 23) It may be identical with the 'Hermitage' in the parish of Barkway acquired by Sir Robert Chester after its suppression. 24) The cave is a large dome-shaped hole, about 28 ft. in diameter at the bottom, cut out of the solid chalk. There appears to have been an upper story to the cave at one period, the walls having been cut back to receive the timbers. In 1189 Richard 1 granted to the priory the right to hold a market at Royston and to have a fair there throughout Whitsun week and a market on the fourth day of each week with court of pie-powder and all the customs of the fair of Dunstable. 27) Another fair to be held on the eve and day of the translation of St.This shows how the helpline’s empowerment ethos really works.“For me, it’s really important just to be there on the end of the line.It’s got details of all the services to signpost people to, local maps and numbers of supervisors to call if you need support.As long as you’ve got your manual in front of you, you can’t go far wrong.” She explained how there was no typical call to the service: “We get calls from male and female survivors and even some perpetrators who want help to change their behaviour. Some people are just starting to recognise that they are in an abusive relationship; others have already been able to leave the relationship but they need support rebuilding their lives.

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