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So images on the display look as natural as on a printed page, reducing eyestrain.

i Phone X is a true High Dynamic Range (HDR) display.

Your Face ID information is encrypted and protected by the Secure Enclave. You can even use Face ID with many types of sunglasses.

And it’s private — your data doesn’t leave your device and is never backed up to i Cloud or anywhere else. So even if your friends don’t recognize you, Face ID will.

How much innovative thinking can you fit into a tiny space? The True Depth camera system houses sophisticated cameras and sensors for new capabilities only possible with i Phone X.

The revolutionary authentication system in i Phone X begins with data captured by the True Depth camera.

And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. That’s the goal we first set for ourselves with the original i Phone. The True Depth camera system allows you to take amazing photos and enables Face ID.

It’s housed in a tiny space at the top of the display, yet within this miniaturized module are some of the most advanced technologies we’ve ever developed.

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With a glass back and an embedded wireless charging system, i Phone X is designed for a wireless future.You can watch movies and shows in Dolby Vision and HDR10. And you’ll be able to watch HDR titles from i Tunes, Netflix, and more.The front and back are all glass — the most durable we’ve ever made, with a strengthening layer that’s 50 percent deeper.Inspired by extensive research into the art and science of portraiture, all-new Portrait Lighting uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate how your facial features interact with light. Working with the A11 Bionic chip, the True Depth camera captures and analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements, then mirrors your expressions in any of 12 different Animoji.Then it uses that data to create stunning lighting effects. Clips is a free app that lets you make fun, shareable videos with text, graphics, effects, and more.

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