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" Full of compliments for the 30 year old, he added: "But she is gorgeous and has the sexiest bum on the show. We are always laughing." He continued: “We are spending so much time together.

We are training eight hours a day – our bond can only get stronger.

You literally have no idea how upset I am.” One Direction member Liam Payne then took to Twitter to condemn Pritchard’s words, adding that One Direction were fans of The Kooks.

Liam Payne of One Direction has responded to criticisms of his group’s music from Luke Pritchard of The Kooks.

The row began when a Twitter user told Pritchard she was a fan of both groups, reports Digital Spy.

"It felt like we were getting defeated at every turn," says Pritchard.

But while the Kooks initially charted at No 9, they just went on selling, remaining a fixture of the album charts and overtaking the Monkeys to have the biggest-selling debut album of the year."It's been so cool," he says, "because it got taken out of the hands of the media.

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